'PR' Yazzie's Thor (Thor)

'PR' Yazzie's Thor (Thor)

Thor is as beautiful fawn white male with goldish light brown eyes from the Athen x Ronin breeding back in Feb 2020! Not even two years old he is already showing a crazy intense look mirroring a young cougar roaming our back yard! Like his dad, he gives you that feeling like he is staring straight into your soul everytime he looks at you, which is perfect for unwanted guest on the property.

I am expecting him to be as big or bigger then his dad Ronin, but also carry his dad's compact muscle, endless stamina and drive, speed, strength, power and willingness to please! So, he is a perfect future Sire down the road!

As expected and our goal for each breading, he is great with kids, humans and other animals. He is also a wonderful housedog as all our dogs have free roam in and outside of our home.

He carries the bloodlines of weight pullers, show and other and is UKC registered + Purple Ribbon.

Below the picture of Thor is a link to his full pedigree for more information about him.