My family has a long history when it comes to pits. At the lest it began as early as the 1930s maybe earlier. My grandma and her brothers had pits in their household. Their parents trusted pits to look after their children while outside and playing away from the house. Classic pits are muscular, lean, athletic, agile, smart, strong (body mass verses strength) and great companions to humans and especially children. Most of the time, (uncommon for them not to be) they are usually good with other animals especially when a hierarchy is set in place. They are an animal who is very eager to please their owner regardless, but… is also very intuitive when an unwelcome guest is present; therefore, protecting their owner, children, and house when only the time is right.

My family has had several generations of pit bull and all were very positive including protecting me, while pregnant, from a snakebite. They are the only dog who I trust all together with people, children and other animals. I select my pits who have proven themselves mentally and physically including keeping the original characteristics of the true pit, who has a good head on their shoulders and is trusted with love and obedience. 

The photo to the right is my great uncles with their pit and the photos below are of my grandmother with her two pits.